TCP Workshop – Initiation

Initiation Workshop
Saturday, October 3, 2020 
8 AM to 10 AM EDT

Crucible Project seeks to ignite Christ-like change in men and women through experiences of radical honesty and grace.

Part of how Crucible Project accomplishes this mission is by hosting “Initial Weekends” where we seek to help men and women recover what has been lost to them through the missing rites of passage that used to be part of societies across time, geographies, and cultures. But…



Join us as we explore these questions in a company of men. This will be far from an information seminar, but rather an opportunity for you to get in touch with what may have been lost to you in the missing rites of passage that used to be part of society.

This workshop is being held in preparation for a series of workshops on what one author calls “The Five Promises of Male Initiation” and also to help men decide whether attending a Crucible Project Initial Weekend may benefit them.

There is no cost for this event, but we do ask that you register so we know how many men to expect.